I decided to create the Toronto Raptors logo using graphs on Desmos. I decided to create this logo because it involved circle equations, quadratic, square root, linear, and trig functions. I used circle equations to create the outside of the ball, as well as the lower vertical curves on the basketball. I changed the radius and the multiplier on the x/y variables to match the shape. I used quadratic equations to create the horizontal and vertical-middle basketball curves because they fit the small curve shape. I compressed, vertically and horizontally translated, and reflected the graph. I used square root functions to create the vertical-upper basketball curves because it fit the medium curves. I horizontally and vertically translated the graph. I used a trig function for one of the horizontal-middle curves because the sin function matched the light curve of the ball. I also needed a new equation. Finally, I used linear equations for the claw marks on the ball. The claws required a series of straight lines, hence why I used a linear equation. The major challenge I encountered was completing the claw marks. There were so many of them and it took me a long time to complete them. Copying and pasting equations helped me speed it up. I asked other students for input on how to manipulate my graph to make it match. My strategy at the end was to use the sliders to find the values and input them into the variables. I didn’t use this strategy at the beginning, so I had to change all my equations and delete the sliders at the end. Through this project I learned how transform functions with translations, expressions/compressions, and reflections through variables in equations.