Over the past four weeks, I have used my guide for the process of logo making to actually make logos. Before I made logos, I showed my guide for the process of logo making to my mentor. Together we edited the guide to make it more accurate. For example, I added a brainstorming note in the market research phase. Now that my guide was complete, I could start using it to design logos. During my meeting with my mentor, we threw out some ideas for potential logos. We started with a fictional athletic wear company called Victory Athletics. It was helpful to see how he generated ideas before editing them on Illustrator. We also came up with some concepts for the TALONS logo. We started with the T and then fleshed out ideas from there. I am excited to continue working on my designs.

Concepts are a big part of logo design. When creating a logo, generating concepts is helpful so that you don’t lose the main idea of a logo while editing it. When creating a logo for a company, it is important to recognize the concepts that the company wants the logo to demonstrate. When brainstorming logo ideas for Victory Athletics with my mentor, we first looked at concepts (we called them the ‘message’). We discussed the concepts of luxury and innovation. This influenced the drafts of the logo. Luxury is commonly associated with the colours black, gold, and silver, which I tried to use in the logo. Innovation influenced the design because it makes sense that an innovative company would have a creative logo that makes you think. For the TALONS logo, the main concept that I thought of was autonomous. It was difficult to come up with a draft that fit that concept, but hopefully, I will create a good draft or come up with a new concept for TALONS.

Alternatives have also played a part in my in-depth journey so far. After my latest meeting with my mentor, I told him that in our next meeting, I would show him some of the new logos that I worked on. My mentor offered me the alternative of expanding more on the logos that I was already working on, such as Victory Athletics and TALONS. This alternative means that I will ultimately create fewer logos, but the logos I do create will be more refined. This goes against my original goal of creating thirty logos within the month of May, but goals grow and change as my journey goes along. I feel this alternative will ultimately help me create the best logos I possibly can.

I have also altered my ideas for my learning centre in the past month. I will still demonstrate many of my logos, as well as the branding package(s) I completed. I will also add a flipbook that shows the process I underwent in order to create one specific logo. As the audience flips through the book, they will see my ideas become more and more fleshed out. This will make my learning centre more interactive, as well as add more of the logo making process, rather than just the finished process. The main thing I hope the audience learns from my learning centre is how much time, research, and editing goes into creating a good logo.