On January 30th I had my first meeting with my mentor, Jeff Burke. We met at the office of his company, Spin Key Media. I prepared a number of questions and topics to discuss during our meeting, and we were able to get through all of them. I started by asking Jeff about the process of logo design. I learned that upon acquiring a new client, Jeff gets them to fill out a questionnaire about their company and logo wants. This is something that I didn’t initially think of doing but is actually critical when it comes to client satisfaction. Knowing what the client wants, and more importantly, doesn’t want, is important when designing a logo. According to Jeff, “some clients do a great job with the questionnaire, some are terrible”. Jeff then explained that the terrible clients are very broad in their answers, which doesn’t help with the designing process.

During the meeting, I learned some of the important parts of a logo. Colour is important because it can be used as an identifier. Spin Key Media is the logo and brand designer for a Port Coquitlam beer company called Taylight. When designing the beer cans, Jeff decided to have the different types of beer correspond with a colour. The different colours allow people to easily decide what beer they like. For example, Jeff said that a customer might think that “[they] like the green one, or [they] don’t like the red one”. Colour is used as a product identifier and also helps set the tone of the product or brand. This is an example of something I learned at the meeting that I can use in my logo and brand design.









I also made sure to incorporate the first the aspects of How to Have a Beautiful Mind in the meeting. I tried to agree with what Jeff was saying during the meeting. When I did agree with him (which was most of the time) I made sure to show that I understood and agreed with the point he was making. I was also able to practice differing with my mentor. We were discussing how to use statistics to determine the success of a poster campaign for Eagle Ridge Hospital. Jeff said that “there was no way to count the individual heads that see the poster and decide to donate”. I thought that you would be able to calculate the donation growth after the poster was put up. After discussing our difference in opinion, I decided to make sure that we were talking about the same topic. It turns out that I was talking about only a poster campaign, whereas Jeff was talking about a poster campaign plus radio and newspaper. I then understood why Jeff thought it was difficult to determine the success of one poster. I was not able to use what I learned about disagreeing in my meeting. Since the meeting mostly consisted of Jeff teaching me about his experiences and skills, I found it difficult to disagree with him.

I will use what I learned in the meeting to start my logo design process.