January 15, 2019

Today the class had half of the block to work on ZIP. In this block I decided on a topic to write about in my different writing styles. The topic I decided on is problems at a nuclear power plant. I chose this topic because I can write about it in the style of a science paper, screenwriting, and news writing. For the science paper, I will write about the effects of the nuclear radiation. For screenwriting, I will write a story about how the radiation affected a fictional character. For news-writing, I will write an article about what unfolded at the plant, including witness comments. I struggled with coming up with a topic because I couldn’t think of anything that I could write about in three vastly different styles. With the help of Kevin, I settled on the idea of problems occurring at a nuclear power plant. In the next focus block, I hope to finish the draft of one of my writing styles. By completing one draft in the next focus block, I have enough time to write the rest of the drafts and thoroughly edit them. So far, I am on schedule and learning a lot about different writing styles.