In-depth has started again and after some consideration, I have chosen to learn the skill of logo design. I already have some knowledge of the different types of logos which I learned through Marketing 9 last year. This inspired me to choose logo design as my in-depth project. I am interested in learning how branding and logos influence the emotions and decisions of customers. Logo design and branding can also be a possible career opportunity for me as I am also interested in graphic design. Learning the importance of logos and how to design them is going to be a challenging but rewarding endeavour.

By the end of the project, I hope to have the skills to create unique and interesting logos. During the first part of in-depth I will be researching the qualities of effective logos. I will also create a flowchart that displays the process for creating logos. Next, I will start creating my own logos. These logos will be different depending on the type of company they’re representing. One of my goals is to create a logo a day for the month of May. On in-depth night, I will have my flowchart as well as my logos and branding designs to showcase. I will also be sharing what I have learned through my research and my mentor.

My search for a mentor was difficult. I sent out 15 emails to prospective mentors, and most of them didn’t respond. The people who did respond usually said that they were too busy to mentor anybody. Finally, a company called Spin Key Media responded to my email and asked me a few questions about the project. After a couple more emails, Jeff Burke agreed to mentor me. Jeff is the lead designer and the owner of Spin Key Media. I am very excited that I was able to get a mentor, especially one in Coquitlam.

Now that I have my topic, goals, and mentor, I am ready to begin in-depth!