January 8, 2019

Take a moment to reflect on your inquiry plan. Do you need to make any revisions to your original plan? If so why? If you haven’t made any changes to your plan, why do you feel you have been so successful in sticking to it?

Looking back at my original schedule I proposed, I know now that I gave myself too much time to research. I expected that research would take roughly the same amount of time as my writing. After Monday and Tuesday’s classes, I am already done researching two of my writing styles. I also spoke with Mr. Morris and he suggested that I write in no more than three different writing styles. This means that I have to research about less topics, but my research has to be more in depth. I have edited my schedule to give myself more time to write, and less time to do research. I hope to complete my research by the 11th. This is a good change for me because it means that I can spend more time on my final artefact that I will be presenting to the class. I can also spend more time creating my self-assessment rubric. When creating my proposal, I expected to spend more time researching my ZIP inquiry, like last year. After spending a few class blocks working on ZIP, I realized that I need to spend less time on research than I did last year. This will result in a more polished final product. I have been very efficient with my class time so far and my inquiry is moving faster than expected.