ZIP Proposal

The question I would like to pursue in my ZIP inquiry project is, how does language influence the style of written compositions? I chose this question because I’m interested in learning more about how language impacts the way people think and feel. By learning how language impacts the style of a text, I can refine my writing skills for English, Socials, and Science. This cross-subject learning motivates me to pursue this line of inquiry. I already know some language skills used in creative writing and thematic essays. My goal is to build off these skills and learn language tools in other writing styles, as well as go deeper into different genres of creative writing. By the end of this assignment, I hope to have expanded on my creative writing skills, scientific writing, and other literary skills. I also would like to learn about script writing and how it differs from other writing styles. Other than Mr. Morris, I can approach Ms. Mulder and other classmates during my research. Ms. Mulder is very knowledgeable when it comes to writing scientific reports, and I know Noah did scriptwriting for his ZIP last year. These are people who can help me with my research. Some resources that might be useful in my research are my own assignments. By looking at my thematic essay, creative writing, historical writing, and science reports, I can figure out how my use of language differentiates those styles of writing. At the end of my inquiry, I will demonstrate my learning by taking one idea and writing a page about that idea in as many different literature styles as I have learned. I will incorporate the language skills I have learned for each literature style in my writing. Below is a tentative schedule for my learning.

Date What I’m Doing
January 7-8 Research
January 9-10 Create self-assessment rubric
January 12-23  Finalize topic for writing,  write about decided topic in different literature styles
January 24-27  Plan my talking points for presentation
January 28 or 29  Presentation
After Presentation  Complete self assessment