Lighten your leader’s load

I can do a better job of lightening my leader’s load. I usually only focus on my job (which is the first step) and let my leader handle their own job. I can make my leader’s job easier by “lifting” some of their load which makes things easier for them and makes me seem important to them. I can also do a better job of not just finding a problem but finding a solution. In TALONS, I am usually able to notice problems, but I often let others figure out the solution to the problem I brought up. Instead of thinking my work is done once I recognize a problem, I should try and solve that problem as well.

Be willing to do what others won’t.

I can do a better job of volunteering to do jobs that others don’t want to do. I have done tough jobs before, but only when asked to. In my leadership project, I should volunteer for the jobs that require more work, such as organizing the volunteers. Instead of only acting when asked, I should take opportunities to do things that others don’t want to do. In order to be a 360-degree leader, I need to take the tough jobs, succeed with difficult people, put myself on the line, and do more than expected.

Understand, practice, and complete the leadership loop.

I can do a better job of completing the leadership loop, especially when leading the grade nines. Instead of trying to go directly to step number six (leading), I need to complete the first five steps. This includes taking an interest, getting to know people, respecting people, adding value to people, and affirming people. I tend to do a few of these steps on my own, but I have never kept track of all the steps in sequence. In order to be a better leader, I should follow the leadership loop.

Put completing fellow leaders ahead of competing with them.

I can do a better job of completing leaders rather than competing with them. Sometimes when grades are on the line, it’s difficult not to find yourself competing with classmates. Instead of battling with my committee members or classmates to be the best, I should be helping them get a better grade. By helping others get a better grade, I can prove myself to be a good leader which will help me in leadership.

Place people in their strength zones

I can work on placing people in their strength zones during the bottle drive planning and the adventure trip planning. Instead of telling the grade nines that they should go out of their comfort zones without regard to their strength zones, I should get to know their strength zones and place them accordingly. If someone is very good at paying close attention to details, I can advise them to join forms and finance in the adventure trip planning. This will help people improve their skills and improve the overall quality of the planning process.

Transfer the vision

I can work on transferring the vision to those in my committee, especially during the planning of the bottle drive leadership event. Sometimes it’s difficult to clearly communicate my vision and by the time I’m done talking, not everybody understood what I was trying to say. I can work on using the tips provided in John Maxwell’s book in order to communicate my ideas better. When I can communicate better, my team will understand my vision and more of my ideas will be used.