Who would have thought that a homeless man would change the lives of a family? In the short story Emil by Stuart McLean, we learn about a homeless man named Emil and how different people view his actions and his place in society. One of those people is someone named Morley, who is very sympathetic to Emil. Through interacting with Emil, Morley learns that when you treat others with respect and kindness, you will receive the same in return. Morley is kind to Emil throughout the story, even when others around her think “he’s retarded” (117). Morley gives Emil money even though he didn’t ask for any, and she treats him with the respect of a human by getting to know him. Emil recognizes that Morley is nice to him. When Emil receives ten thousand dollars from the lottery, he gives “Morley five hundred dollars” (119). Another character in the story, Dave, did not receive any of Emil’s money because Dave did not show respect to Emil. Dave misplaced a book Emil let him borrow and didn’t bother to pay Emil back. This lack of respect differentiates Dave from Morley. Dave didn’t respect Emil’s property, and thus, was not given any money by Emil. Morley talked to Emil and tried to help him, and in return Emil showed the same kindness to her.