The lens that is the most important to view Star Wars through is the social power lens because the film can be seen as a revolution by the lower class, against the upper class. The lower class is the workforce, the people who live on Tatooine. These individuals make money off farming, smuggling, and slave trading. The upper class, or the Empire, controls the lower class through fear. This is similar to how the Americans feared the superior navy of the British before revolting. The Rebellion found a weakness in the Death Star, which made them no longer afraid of the Empire. The Americans were no longer afraid of the British Navy once they decided to fight on land instead of on water. In this way, Star Wars resembles the format of a revolution by the lower class. By watching Star Wars with this lens, I was able to see the similarities between the Rebellion’s fight against the Empire and America’s fight against Britain. I was also able to see the social hierarchy of the different races in the Star Wars universe. The humans are the highest tier because throughout the movie, there aren’t any derogatory remarks made to human characters in the movie. The next tier would be the humanoid characters. These characters are looked at as a more criminal race. We know this because Obi Wan tells Luke to be careful when going into the cantina bar filled with humanoids and other aliens, which is the next tier. The aliens that don’t look like humans are shown as monsters. They speak a language of growls and screams, like Chewbacca. Chewbacca is even called a “walking carpet” by Leia. The droids would be the next tier because they are sold and work like slaves. The third thing I saw when looking through the social power lens is how the government is portrayed. In this film, the government of the galaxy is the Empire. The Empire is shown as a government that controls through fear and violence. They spend most of their time on the Death Star, which shows that they value weapons and war more than anything else. Using all this information, I can conclude that Star Wars is about the oppression of the lower class by the upper class and government. In the film, the Empire threatens those without power and the characters that don’t look like humans are shown as dangerous or weak creatures. A thematic statement for Star Wars using the social power lens is, “No matter your status, you can rise above and change the way you’re perceived”.