My ecological footprint is 11.8 hectares. I compared my footprint to Kevin and Ashley. Kevin’s footprint was 7.05 hectares and Ashley’s was 11.43 hectares. The ten actions that currently increase the size of my footprint are:

  • My SUV
  • Spending more than an hour on the computer and/or watching TV per day
  • Brand new clothes
  • My garbage
  • Number of rooms per person
  • Travelling with my family in my car
  • Land used for recreation
  • Flush the toilet every time
  • Shower 3-6 minutes
  • Family washes the car every 3rd week

The five actions I will try and change are buying brand new clothes, reducing my garbage, travelling with my family in my car, flushing the toilet every time, spending more than an hour on the computer and/or watching TV per day. I chose to not buy as much brand-new clothes because I bought a lot during Christmas and spring break and I think I can cut back on the clothes I buy. It is reasonable to re-use some of my older clothes. I chose to reduce my garbage because it is easy for me to measure. I am the one in my family that takes out the garbage and recycling, so I can continuously monitor my waste habits. I chose to change the amount of time I spend travelling with my family in my car because my friend offered to let me carpool with him to school. I am going to let the “yellow mellow” because me and my sister no longer share a bathroom, so she won’t be flushing the toilet when I don’t. The last thing I will change is spending more than an hour on technology per day. I chose this one because I need to spend more time on my In-Depth (drawing comics) which doesn’t involve technology. I will reduce the amount of clothes I buy by wearing the same thing multiple times per week. I will reduce my garbage by eating less snacks with wrappers and more snacks that come in one big container. I will carpool with my friend and take the bus to school in order to reduce the time travelling with my family in my car. I will only flush the toilet every second time I go number one, instead of every time. Lastly, I will spend more time on In-Depth to reduce my technology usage.

One change that was easy for me to make was wearing the same thing every day. I planned out what I was going to wear for the week on Sunday, so that I could assure I was getting the most out of my clothes. Another change that was easy to make was letting the “yellow mellow”. It was simple to just not flush the toilet every time I used it and didn’t require a lot of effort. A change that was difficult to make was taking the bus. The bus comes very early in the morning which means that I have to get up early. I eventually got used to it though. Another change that was difficult to make was reducing my garbage. A lot of the snacks I usually take to school come in wrappers, so it was difficult to change my habits and find things that come in containers. I decided to start eating more nuts and bread that comes in one big package. One obstacle I encountered was finding time to wash my clothes. Since I was repeating the clothes I wore, that meant that I needed to wash them more. This extra washing would not be good for the environment. I had to find the perfect time when I needed to stop repeating clothes and wash them. Another obstacle I encountered was not watching a lot of TV. Watching TV right after school was a habit that I had to change. Instead of watching TV, I would start homework earlier, eat a snack, or play basketball. A step I plan to take in the future is to find alternative foods to eat that aren’t individually wrapped. Another step I plan to take is travrlling with my family. I can not only carpool with my friends to school, but I can also carpool other places that I may go to in the summer, such as the basketball court.