Over the past few weeks, I have continued working on In-Depth. I have continued working with my mentor, Davinder, and am making good progress. I started to focus less on my drawing skills, and more on my story telling skills. This is what Davinder believes is more important when it comes to drawing comic books, and I agree with him. To get started with storytelling, Davinder showed me some different comic books, including his own. We looked at how the angle in each panel, impacted the way we see characters. For example, when artists want to show a strong, powerful character, they will usually use a low angle so that the reader is looking up at the character. Looking up at someone makes them appear taller, and usually more powerful. When an artist wants to show a weak character, they will usually go with a high angle so that the reader is looking down on the character. For the next few weeks, I am going to continue creating comic panels, and working on the angles I use.

The most difficult mentoring challenge so far has been discussing what the In-Depth project means. I gave Davinder an overview of where I wanted my In-Depth project to end up, but I should’ve explained more about what In-Depth is. At the end of our last meeting, Davinder asked me to send him a “project outline” of In-Depth, so he could get a better understanding of what my teacher wanted from me. I sent him the link to Ms. Mulder’s week one blog post and talked to him more about In-Depth and TALONS in general.

Something that is working well is our ability to coordinate meetings. There was a bit of a communication issue at the beginning, but now we have found a regular meeting place and time. Our meetings run smoothly, and we are able to cover a lot in a couple hours. One thing that could be working better though is me finding time to draw. Even though I’m ahead of schedule with what I’m learning, I am behind schedule with the amount of drawings I’ve done. With all the other school work, I have not been able to find a lot of time to draw. To make sure this works better, I can spend time during spring break catching up on my drawings.

Also, I just heard back from Davinder about the criminal record check. Davinder teaches grade nine in Delta, and he has been trying to get a copy of his record check to give to me. Unfortunately, he’s had some trouble doing that and it looks like he might have to get a new one.

I’m excited to continue my learning of comic book drawing!