My in-depth project is going at a good pace. I met with my mentor (Davinder Brar) on Sunday, February 11th. I brought him some of my sketches that I did since I saw him last. He made edits on them and told me how I need to improve. After we talked about my previous drawings, Davinder taught me more about how to draw the human body. We started with drawing basic skeletons, but by the end of the meeting I was learning how to add in muscles. After this meeting with Davinder, I’m more confident in my ability to draw the human body.

In the meeting, we also talked about the importance of being able to tell a story with my drawing. Davinder told me that although learning to draw is important, learning how to draw comic book panels is more important when it comes to drawing comics. He said that it doesn’t matter how good you are at drawing people, if it’s confusing for the reader to follow the story, then you’re not really a comic book artist. This was definitely a good piece of information. I originally was going to start drawing comic book panels after spring break. I now need to change up my schedule a bit to fit in more time for drawing panels, and less time for drawing the human body.

Davinder also gave me some homework for the next time I see him. He wants me to draw a page of human bodies, which is what we worked on at the beginning of the meeting. He also wants me to create two “journal comics”, which are embellishments of the authors life, drawn in a comic. Davinder also wants me to draw a picture of an athlete. This will get me used to drawing action and movement.

During the mentoring session, one thing that went particularly well was Davinder’s ability to know what I need to work on. There wasn’t a lot of time being spent with me telling him what I want to do. Davinder was really good at knowing what I need to work on, and what I’m already doing well. This helps me know what I need to practice.

There were some learning challenges that emerged during our meetings. At the beginning of our meetings, I usually didn’t know where to start. I was ready to learn from him, but I didn’t know where the best place to begin was. This past meeting, Davinder came prepared and asked me right away to see some of my previous drawings. This really helped because he was able to notice the areas where I needed help at the beginning of the meeting, rather than at the end. Next meeting, I’m also going to come more prepared with questions that I want to ask, and work that I want to show.

One challenge that affected our communication was the time it took us to respond to each other. At the end of our meeting, I didn’t contact Davinder to set up another meeting until the week before the next blog post. Because he is a busy teacher, Davinder wasn’t able to get back to me until a day before we were supposed to have our meeting. All of this made it hard to schedule meetings. Davinder did apologize for the slow reply, but it wasn’t really his fault. Next time, I’m going to contact him well in advance of our next meeting.

That’s my progress over the past two weeks!


A page of basic skeletons I drew.