Journal entry for the December 11th:

I spent the ZIP work block on December 11th writing my document of learning #2. I wanted to get it done in block five so I could go home and spend more time on my ZIP research. For my document of learning, I looked back and wrote about the ups and downs I had during ZIP. This took me most of the block to complete, but I did complete it before the block ended, like I hoped. After I completed the document of learning, Mr. Morris asked the class to answer one of two questions. The question I chose to answer was: what did you learn today that you can use again and again and again? I said that I learned how little sentences can reveal a lot about the setting of a story. After I thought of my question, it took a few minutes for me to give my answer to Mr. Morris, because the line-up was long. At the end of the block I had gotten everything done that I wanted to. My goal for the next few work blocks is to continue finishing my documents of learning in class. Not having to do them at home really helps me focus on other homework.