I am two weeks into ZIP and so far there have been many ups and downs, one of the downs being my struggle to find an inquiry question. When the project was first introduced, I really had no clue what I was going to research. I just wasn’t really sure what interested me in English. I looked at the British Columbia curriculum for grade nine language arts, and tried to find something that related to one of the big ideas. In the end, I came up one question about how companies use specific language to avoid false advertising, and one about how religious texts are historically constructed. After a lot of thought I decided to go with the religious texts one. I wanted to see if that question was good, so the next day I asked Mr. Morris to check it. He said that it was more of a social studies question, and pointed me in the right direction with a question more geared toward English. I modified the question he gave me to get my final question: how does a text reveal clues about the culture and values of the society in which it was written? After I picked my question, it was hard to get started on research. The websites I found talked more about the society, and less about the language of the book. To get the resources I wanted, I decided to break my big question into smaller questions. I started asking about specific authors and poets, which lead me to different books and some of Shakespeare’s works. After I realized how to get the answers I need, ZIP became much easier, and it’s now turning into a fun experience.