So far in ZIP, I have been moving at a good pace and sticking to my schedule. I’m currently researching and taking notes. I completed the self-assessment rubric, even though it was scheduled to be done on the last week before winter break. I did it early because as I was doing my research I realized that with all of the information I was collecting, it was going to take a lot longer than expected to complete the final presentation. I wouldn’t have time to do the rubric at the end. Since the presentation is going to take a while to make, I decided to break down my schedule a bit more. Instead of only preparing my artefact next week, I’m going to start the presentation work too. In my updated schedule, I hope to have the script for my presentation done by the 17th. This means that I will likely have to work an extra twenty minutes every day in the coming week. There will also be another English project surrounding The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, so I need to make sure that I at least get started on the script before this next project is assigned. Right now, I’m trying to make sure that if the new project requires a lot of work, I’ll still be able to get ZIP done by winter break. Hopefully I am able to stick to my new plan.