In the How to be a REAL Success leadership seminar, I learned some tips on how to be successful. I learned that you need to have a good relationship with those around you, but the most important relationship you have is with yourself. If you can’t get along with yourself, you can’t be successful. You also need to equip other people. Nothing amazing was ever done alone, you need to equip others and make a team to accomplish your goal. I learned that your attitude is a choice, and it can impact those around you that you lead. Changing your attitude can change your outlook on life. Lastly, I learned that the level of leadership ability in an organization, determines how successful the organization will be. A group can never go higher than their leader’s ability to lead. I can use all these tools to help me with my leadership skills. First, I can try to equip others around me to help with tasks when I’m organizing my leadership or cultural event. If there is someone in the group struggling with something, I can teach them how to do it instead of doing it myself, even though I might want to do it. I can also keep a positive attitude when I’m organizing a project, so that others around me can stay positive too. Applying these skills can help me grow as a leader, which will help my leadership and cultural event groups become successful and achieve our goal.