The most significant conflict Junior faces in Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is his struggle with his identity because the choice Junior makes affects those around him. When Junior decides to go to a primarily white school called Reardan, people from his Indian reservation get upset with him because they think he is abandoning his Indian heritage. There are some people who are okay with Junior’s decision to go to Reardan, but Junior says that “[…] there were a lot more people who just called me names and slammed the door in my face” (79). This shows that there are people in the reservation that are deeply affected by Junior’s decisions, and care enough to show their disapproval. Junior doesn’t seem to care about what these people think of him, but he does care about his best friend, Rowdy. When Junior tells Rowdy he is going to Reardan, Rowdy says “You always thought you were better than me,” and punches Junior in the face (52). By doing this, Rowdy reveals that he is deeply affected by Junior’s decision, and takes it as an insult to himself. The people in the reservation care about who Junior choses to be, which makes every decision concerning Junior’s identity even harder to make.