The question I would like to pursue is: how does a text reveal the values and culture of the society in which it was written? I chose this question because I’m interested in learning how the language of a story changes depending on the setting of the story. This is a question that I am excited to find an answer to. I have some skills that can help me with this project. I already know how to find clues for the setting of a text, but I hope to learn more about how differently people talk depending on when and where they lived. I also want to learn what the social structure was like in different places at different times. I can also ask my parents and other family members for books they read as a child and see how different the language is. For my research, I can read books that take place at different times and places and see what I can infer about the setting. For example, The Catcher in the Rye is a book that uses language very different to the language we use now. I can analyze it to see what I can notice about the culture and society in which it was written. In the end, I would like to rewrite a section of a book that uses dated language. I would rewrite it to fit our current society. I’m not sure what book it would be yet because I haven’t done my research yet. I will also create a PowerPoint showing what I noticed about different time periods and how I rewrote the section of the book. This is a schedule of my progress:

November 28th – December 3rd: Work on proposal

December 4th – 9th: Do research on how the language of a text can reveal clues about the setting

December 10th – 16th: Find a book that connects to my research and rewrite a section of it.

December 17th – 22nd: Work on presentation and rubric

Winter Break

After Winter Break: Final touches and present