For my Night of the Notables eminent person, I chose Neil deGrasse Tyson. I enjoyed getting to learn more about him and his role in our society. Now that eminent is over, it’s time to reflect on the past month or so, and see what I did well, and what I can improve on for next year.

At the start of eminent, I created some goals for myself that would help me enjoy Night of the Notables more. One of my goals was to learn about what steps Dr. Tyson took to get to where he is today. I think I accomplished that goal. I researched his life story and figured out that he got interested in astronomy by visiting the Hayden Planetarium. I also learned more about his personality and heroes, such as Carl Sagan. Having this knowledge helped me to explain to all the people that visited my learning centre, why he is an eminent person. Another goal I had was to schedule my work so that I wasn’t struggling at the last second. I accomplished some aspects of this goal, but failed in others. Throughout most of eminent, I was able to stay ahead of schedule. I used my off-blocks and any free time I had after school to write blog posts, interview questions or my speech. It was after my speech that I realised I was actually behind. I had come up with rough ideas for my learning centre, but I hadn’t actually started creating things. I spent the last week before Night of the Notables frantically trying to put together my learning centre. Next year, I will try to give myself more time for learning centres by working on them while I work on my speech.

Now that I finally finished eminent, there are a few things that I will remember in the years to come. I will remember the atmosphere of Night of the Notables. On the actual night, everyone gathered together to learn about all these important people. Students got to interact with parents, and teach them something. I will also remember all the other learning centres. Everyone had something cool that I wished I added in my own. The thing I will remember most though, is the grade ten speeches. All the speeches were really well written. Some were funny, and some touched on more serious topics, but all of them were interesting to watch.  They really set the bar high for the grade nines.

There are a few people who I need to thank for helping me complete Night of the Notables. The TALONS teachers did a good job of explaining what was happening on the night, and they made it easier for us to get things done by giving us class time to work. My parents helped me get things for my learning centre, and gave me advice on what to create. I also have to thank Dr. Matt Bothwell. He was my eminent interviewee and gave some really good insights on how other astronomers felt about Dr. Tyson.

Overall, Night of the Notables was a success, and is something I will remember for a while.