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In-Depth Blog Post #1: Introduction

In-depth has started again and after some consideration, I have chosen to learn the skill of logo design. I already have some knowledge of the different types of logos which I learned through Marketing 9 last year. This inspired me… Continue Reading →


January 15, 2019 Today the class had half of the block to work on ZIP. In this block I decided on a topic to write about in my different writing styles. The topic I decided on is problems at a… Continue Reading →


                          Provide a copy/image of your research notes. What concepts in your learning do you now feel you have a solid grasp on? Which ones might be useful… Continue Reading →


January 8, 2019 Take a moment to reflect on your inquiry plan. Do you need to make any revisions to your original plan? If so why? If you haven’t made any changes to your plan, why do you feel you… Continue Reading →

ZIP Proposal: How does language influence the style of written compositions?

ZIP Proposal The question I would like to pursue in my ZIP inquiry project is, how does language influence the style of written compositions? I chose this question because I’m interested in learning more about how language impacts the way… Continue Reading →

A Wizard of Earthsea Style Analysis

Ursula Le Guin’s use of literary tools in A Wizard of Earthsea help establish the story by painting a picture of the world in the mind of the reader. The figurative language in A Wizard of Earthsea illustrates many ideas in little… Continue Reading →

Disagree Statement Blog Post

The statement I disagree with the most is that a person or thing must have a name in order to truly exist because the ability to name something does not influence the existence of that thing. For example, if there… Continue Reading →

360 Degree Leader Blog Post

Lighten your leader’s load I can do a better job of lightening my leader’s load. I usually only focus on my job (which is the first step) and let my leader handle their own job. I can make my leader’s… Continue Reading →

Practice Interview Theme Statements

Accomplishing goals can be difficult, especially when others around you are further ahead in their goals. The most rewarding parts of life can require the most work to get there. Careers are often clouded by misconceptions which can lead to… Continue Reading →

Harrison Bergeron Blog Post

What if the world was completely equal? What if no one had any advantages over anyone else? “Harrison Bergeron” explores this idea in a short-story and film format. “Harrison Bergeron” is a short-story written by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. 2081 is… Continue Reading →

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